Unprofessional Outsiders Podcast Episode 001

This… is the Unprofessional Outsiders. A Kansas City Chiefs podcast by Average Joes, for Average Joes. Covering the Chiefs, random sports talk, and just about anything else. 

Note: this episode is just under an hour long; future episodes will be much shorter.

Episode 1

2:01 Chiefs News Reactions – LDT Injury

6:15 Patrick Watch – Whataburger!

9:40 Beef of the Week – Where’s Juan Thornhill?

15:44 Enter the Thunderdome – Zimmer vs. Cousins

23:49 Fill in the Blank – Rookie QBs

40:56 Lower than Whale Manure – Worst of the NFC

55:25 Pop Culture Minute – Space Jam 2

58:48 Close out – We don’t know what we’re doing but we had fun doing it

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